Can vacuum packaging prolong the shelf life of food?

Speaking of extending the shelf life of food, we all have a misunderstanding that as long as vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life, is that true?

There are many factors causing food deterioration, including chemical, biochemical and microbial factors, in which microorganisms play a dominant role. After vacuum sealing, the bag is kept in a highly decompressed state. The air scarcity is equivalent to hypoxic effect, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of food fresh and disease-free.

However, generally cooked food is rich in water and nutrients. It is easy to breed bacteria. If it is not sterilized after vacuum packaging, it will hardly prolong the shelf life of food. However, after sterilization by high temperature steam generator, it is different.

After vacuum packaging, the product will still have bacterial reproduction in the bag, so sterilization must be carried out, which can be divided into several forms, some cooked food sterilization temperature does not need to exceed 100 degrees, but some food sterilization temperature must be above 100 degrees, so you can choose high temperature sterilization equipment, temperature and pressure adjustable, root. It is required to regulate low temperature steam or high temperature and high pressure steam, which is suitable for various process requirements.

Some people have done similar experiments and found that if there is no sterilization, some foods will deteriorate faster after vacuum packaging, but if sterilization measures are taken after vacuum packaging, according to different requirements, high temperature sterilization equipment can effectively extend the shelf life of vacuum packaged food, ranging from 15 days to 360 days.

For example, dairy products can be stored at room temperature within 15 days after vacuum packaging and fumigated chicken products can be stored for 6-12 months or even longer after vacuum packaging. If you want to extend the shelf life of food, you need to kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth and reproduction. That is to say, sterilization must be done.