Compostable Pouches

Lucky time pack has been committed to the research and use of degradable materials to reduce the impact of our products on the environment, They can effectively reduced landfill waste, lower energy consumption and less greenhouse gasses.
Our Compostable Packaging
Flexible packaging is unique in the way that it’s sustainable characteristics come from producing less waste in the first place. By choosing flexible packaging over more traditional packaging formats such as glass, rigid plastic, metal and cardboard, you are already taking steps towards reducing landfill waste, greenhouse gasses and excess energy consumption. Taking the concept of sustainable packaging a step further,luckytime pack have developed a range of materials which can be used as an alternative to standard mixed plastic laminates. This means we can offer the market environmentally friendly packaging that is suitable for composting.
Compostable Features
Our compostable packaging is suitable for dried foods, seeds, cereals, coffee, tea, pet food, powders, sports nutrition, confectionery etc. Barrier properties compared to its plastic equivalent.
Biodegradable food packaging used to be a novelty, but now it is widely used, and can be used in a variety of standards and customized products. The surge in interest in these materials reflects the growing consumer interest in sustainability and the environment. Environmental friendly products can be used in a variety of fast food, processed food and beverage, including dairy products, baked goods, cooked food, salad, soup and snacks. Sustainable packaging materials can also be used for boxed products such as coffee, disposable tableware and bulk food. As an expert in food packaging design, packaging performance and distribution, lucky time pack can help food manufacturers, processors and distributors choose the right materials according to their unique needs.

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