Self-adhesive Labels

Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no brushing glue, no dipping water, no pollution, saving labeling time and so on. They are widely used, convenient and fast.
Easy to Install
Self-adhesive label can be attached to the appearance of various substrates by peeling off the base paper and pressing it quietly. It can also be labeled on the production line by using labeling machine.
Multiple Styles
We offer many kinds of self-adhesive labels, which can be selected according to customers’ product characteristics, including removable washable labels, PVC, PP, PE, offset paper labels, copperplate paper labels, thermal paper labels and so on.
Whether you are looking for appropriate labels for plastic or glass containers, for flexible packaging functional labels that can be re-attached, or even for labels that directly touch food, we can provide solutions for your applications that exceed your expectations.
Application Area
Our self-adhesive labels are the most diverse of all final application labels, including information labels that record product sales dates and product promotional labels. In many cases, our sticky labels retain their stickiness on cold and wet surfaces and those requiring deep freezing. It also resists fats and oils.
Peelable coupons, re-affixed, washable labels and tamper-proof sealing labels. Our products can withstand pasteurization process and have anti-counterfeiting labels and traceability functions. We are able to provide printing processors with timely label inventory to meet the long-term and short-term production and operation needs of materials.

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