A letter to all clients for anti-corona virus

Dear All Clients,
Good day. Hope you everything goes well.
I am sorry to hear through internet news that many people in your country got corona virus. Please do take care of yourself and your family, as corona virus is spreading strongly and people can get infected easily if we pay no attention to it. What you are experiencing right now is what China experienced a month ago. At present the corona virus epidemic in China is under control, New cases of infected people are all from abroad and No local new cases.
I would like to offer you some suggestion and hope it can help you.
1. Prepare daily necessities and stay at home.
2. Do not go to crowded places, and keep distance from others.
3. Do not go out. If you have to, please wear a mask. Wash hand after you return home.
Stay calm and keep distance. That’s exactly what we do for last two months. The epidemic is under control and we people can go out to work, shopping and travelling freely right now. I believe your country will take the same actions and the epidemic in your country will pass soon. As most of Chinese people come back to work, medical supplies, like face masks, protective clothing, face shield, plastic glasses and antidote products, are no longer as scarce as before in China. If you have any difficult to purchase them or  need any help, Please feel free to inform me and we will do our best.
Hope that the people of the world will unite and overcome difficulties together.
Best wishes!

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