Flat bottom bag

The flat bottom bag is a kind of composite packaging bag, which is named according to its shape. It is also called eightside seal bag. As the name implies, it is a packaging bag with eight sealing edges, four edges at the bottom, and two edges on each side. It is a popular bag type in recent years, with a good appearance, consisting of front, back, two broadsides and a square bottom. Because the broadside can be expanded, this packaging bag has the advantages of small size but large capacity, and the efficiency of transportation and storage is greatly improved. The flat bottom bag can also be equipped with a self-sealing zipper and a one-way exhaust valve according to the needs of the application. Because the manufacturing process of this bag type is relatively complex and cumbersome, the price will be a little high.

Nowadays, many famous clothing, apparel, food brands are using this bag type. The flatbottom bag looks popular because of its good three-dimensional appearance, and is widely favored by consumers.

Today, professional packaging manufacturer Lucky Time will talk about the advantages of flat bottom bags in composite packaging bags to provide you with a reference when customizing packaging bags.

1.The flat bottom bag has a total of eight printed layouts, which can make the product information display more complete and sufficient and has more space to describe products, to facilitate product promotion and sales.

2.Because the bottom of the bag is flat, when the bag is placed flat, the bottom will be an excellent display.

3.The flat bottom bag can stand upright, which is conducive to the display of the brand.

4.The zipper flat bottom bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, and consumers can reopen and close the zipper, which is very convenient.

5.Flat bottom bags have many composite processes, many materials, and large changes. They are often analyzed according to moisture, material thickness, metal effect, etc., which can meet various needs of customers.

6.Flat bottom bags can use multi-color printing, the products are exquisite, and have a strong role in publicity and promotion.

7.The unique shape is easy for consumers to identify and prevent counterfeiting, which greatly promotes brand building.

Although flatbottom bags have many advantages, but flat bottom bags are mainly custom-made, rarely in stock. Therefore, when customizing flat bottom bags, some basic information of the flatbottom bags should be determined in advance, mainly including the requirements for the material, thickness, bag type, and size of the flat bottom bags, and looking for a good packaging bag manufacturer.

As a professional food packaging company, Lucky Time has a lot of experience in the production and design of flat bottom bags. Lucky Time is committed to providing all customers with packaging that meets their standards, hoping to become a supplier that satisfies all customers.