How to prevent the delamination of cooking bags?

The delamination of cooking bags often occurs during cooking,so how do we prevent the cooking bag from delaminating? First of all, when delamination occurs, we need to carefully identify the interface where delamination occurs and check whether the surface is being operated as required during production. At the same time, we can exchange materials for comparative experiments to find out the real cause of delamination.Secondly, we need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Food enterprises in the use of cooking bags should strictly control the temperature within the range guaranteed by the production enterprises.Even if it exceeds a little, it may be affected because it has reached the limit of the various materials used to make cooking bags.
  2. Food enterprises should do a good job of batch confirmation, to confirm whether it can be used under specific conditions.Because of the physical and chemical properties of the inner bag, as well as the physical and chemical changes that may occur at high temperature and produce new substances,It may lead to the infiltration of new substances into the cooking bag layer and cause the degradation of the packaging performance of cooking bag.
  3. The enterprises who produce cooking bags should strengthen the management work, do a good job of detecting and controlling the index each process, especially to do a good cooking bag before leaving the factory filling test of the last pass:
  4. It is important to pay attention to whether the processing degree of the film meets the requirements, which is crucial to the printing fastness and compound firmness.
  5. Pay attention to the curing time, so that the two components of ink or glue fully crosslinked curing reaction.
  6. Attention should be paid to the degree of inactivation of two-component ink or glue in use, and the amount of inactivation ink or glue must be controlled within a certain range.
  7. Use in strict accordance with the product instructions provided by the material manufacturer, especially the curing dose of ink and glue must be used according to the requirements.
  8. It is necessary to simulate the process conditions used by food enterprises to test the performance of finished bags, and urge food enterprises to confirm the performance of cooking bags to prevent greater losses.
  9. The enterprises who produce cooking bags should do a good job of the compatibility of all kinds of packaging and printing materials. First, we need to make sure that testing is done throughout the production process, not just at the printing stage.Second, we should pay attention to the high temperature resistance, especially to the problem of adhesion decline or delamination caused by the leakage of various additives in the film at high temperature.Third, we should pay attention to the replacement of materials from different manufacturers, or even the use of the same manufacturer but different batches of materials, but also to do a good job in the use of compatibility test.
  10. Enterprises who produce ink, glue, film and other packaging materials should make solid efforts to improve and stabilize the quality of their products:
  11. The temperature resistance of ink and glue must be improved.The actual temperature resistance performance shall exceed the guaranteed temperature resistance to a certain extent,for example, the new Oriental Ink Group Co., Ltd. when produce cooking ink and glue, it fully take into account that the temperature may fluctuate during the actual application of food enterprises , and there are different grades and different temperature performance requirements of ink and glue sale, so as to ensure the temperature performance of cooking bags.
  12. Film manufacturers should pay attention to the effect of some additives on adhesion after high temperature cooking.
  13. Attention should be paid to the control of process parameters to ensure the stability of product quality, especially in the case of changing to new materials.
  14. As far as possible to fully understand users and downstream users of the use of conditions.