Easy peel film packing

Easy peel film packing is an important member of the easy to open packaging, it is formed by a hardness larger bowl-shaped container and a layer of texture which is softand easy to peel apart the lid.Easy peel film was originally used to pack instant noodle containers,and bean curd, yogurt, jelly, pudding and other packaging has also appeared to use the easy peel tectorial membrane.Easy peel film has several requirements:

1: High barrier property. The vast majority of these food are at room temperature preservation, some of them require a long shelf life, usually about 3 months to half a year, so easy peel tectorial membrane material barrier property is very important. Easy peel tectorial membrane usually adopts high composite structure.

On the market, there are more and more types of snack food, the demand of packaging materials will also increase, and according to the demand of people, packaging forms have also been innovation. Aluminum foil easy peel cover material is a kind of packaging material that is easy to peel, it is widely used in today’s market. Aluminum foil easy peel film material is commonly used in our daily life, is often used to yogurt lid touch, yogurt piece of film, cosmetics cover film, or other food and daily necessities packaging. In the production of aluminum foil easy to peel cover, in addition to using AL, suppliers are also commonly used PP, HDPE, PET, BOPA, CPP and other materials with good heat sealing properties or high barrier properties. Suppliers should consider the shelf life of products packaged by aluminum foil easy to peel cover,the heat sealing strength between film and packaging cup when selecting specific materials and the easy peel effect. so it is necessary to ensure the adhesive and strength of the interface between the inner material of aluminum foil and the cup, rather than complete penetration or fusion.

The impact of printing and post-printing processing technology should be fully considered in plate design. For example, the color of some dot areas is easy to occur hierarchical union,this problem should be dealt with when making plates.Now many plate-making enterprises have begun to use color management software, which plays a positive role in color restoration quality.

In the printing process, the color of ink film mainly depends on ink concentration and transfer rate. For a specific substrate and a specific ink,the ink concentration is relatively fixed,the transfer rate depends on the viscosity of the ink, dryness , the layout of the net hole conditions and other factors.It is also affected by printing speed, printing pressure, scraper pressure, scraper position, scraper Angle,environmental conditions and other factors.It needs to be pointed out that the changes of these conditions will have varying degrees of influence on printing highlights, dark and middle tone.

Compared with the common easy-open lid, aluminum foil easy peel film in production has the advantages of simple process, easy to assemble, save materials and so on.