Why use aluminum foil for food packaging bags?

Food aluminum foil is a flattened metal aluminum product tool that can be used for cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or used to make some materials that can be easily cleaned.

Aluminum foil packaged foods on the market are generally heat-storable and resistant to storage. Most of the aluminum foil used for food processing is shiny on one side and dull on the other. The aluminum foil used for food can wrap food on both sides. It is usually recommended to wrap it with a bright surface to improve the heat conduction effect.

Why do food packaging bags use aluminum foil? This is because metal aluminum will be oxidized by oxygen, forming a dense oxide Al2O3 protective film on the metal surface to prevent oxygen from continuing to oxidize metal aluminum. Of course, bags made of aluminum foil use this layer The dense protective film can well prevent the outside air from entering the inside of the bag and play a role in preventing the food from being oxidized and deteriorated. Aluminum will be oxidized by oxygen to form a protective film, which can effectively prevent the outside oxygen from entering, prevent the food in the bag from deteriorating, and retain the fragrance to extend the shelf life. This is the unique barrier of aluminum foil. On the other hand, aluminum foil has good ductility, excellent barrier properties, strong corrosion resistance, and good printability. It does not prevent food from reacting with oxygen.

Aluminum foil is used in food packaging pouches because of its good barrier properties. The oxygen transmission rate of aluminum foil is extremely low, which can effectively block gases in the air that can easily deteriorate food, such as oxygen. Moreover, the aluminum foil is opaque and has a good shading property, which prevents certain foods from being discolored or deteriorated by light. The aluminum foil itself has extremely poor corrosion resistance and is easily corroded by acidic or alkaline substances.

Transparency, thermal stability, physical strength, biological insulation, sealing, radiation resistance, processability and commerciality, publicity, protection, usability, etc. It makes aluminum foil bag become one of the good packaging products for food, beverages, medicines, medical appliances and other substances, especially in terms of its tightness, so that these products have been well protected and promoted.

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