How food packaging design attracts consumers’ attention?

In the modern economy, the role of food packaging design has become greater and greater. Food bag packaging design is a way of publicity. In the process of development, companies must promote products and invest a lot in advertising. In fact, we overlook that food packaging is also a good advertisement.

Know Your Consumers

The design of exquisite food packaging pouches is designed to  impress consumers and sell themselves. Therefore, when designing food packaging pouches, pay attention to the products you want to package and which consumer is faced to. It is the most fundamental way to find the right medicine after finding the right location.

Value color

With the acceleration of life, in the face of a wide range of goods , consumers first notice the packaging with novel and unique colors. Color has the function of promoting products and attracting consumers’ attention. Therefore, in the design of food packaging, we should master the use of color, make the color highlight to identity your product, and quickly catch the consumer’s attention.

The selection of colors in the design of food packaging bags has a positive effect on promotion, mainly with the psychological effect of various colors on people.

Don’t ignore text design

Text design is the most easily part of the entire packaging design to be overlooked. As usual text not only can directly and accurately convey relevant information to consumers, but also can be a symbol to express a certain theme and reflects of the packaging overall style. Font design must be considered as a part of the design of food packaging bag. Of course, if we can integrate some planning thinking into the packaging design, form interaction with consumers, increase consumer experience and so on. This is also a direction. Generally speaking, whether it is planning or creativity, as the packaging design of commodities, the attributes of the commodities should be taken as the basis, thinking from the standpoint of consumers. In this way, the design of product packaging is not only visually beautiful, but also favored by consumers, in order to be considered a real success.

Safety is the foundation

Safety is the first element. Food safety is not only the safety of food itself but also the safety of food packaging. It is necessary to ensure that the packaging material itself is safe and non-toxic and free of volatile substances. That is, the packaging material itself must have a stable organizational composition. In addition, during the implementation of the packaging process, it will not be caused by the chemical reaction of the food ingredients and chemical components, and during the storage and transfer process will not change due to changes in climate and normal environmental factors.

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