How to choose the material of take-out food package containers?

COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) advances the take-out and delivery market. Demand for food packaging containers also increased. According to iiMedia Research data, after the break out of COVID-19, consumers stayed at home to prevent COVID-19. In most places, takeout and delivery are still the most available and convenient option for those who would rather not cook during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants turned online and begin take out and delivery businesses, with catering businesses using online as the main battlefield accounting for 78.0%, Compared with before, which was more seriously increase was 63.1 percentage points.

Meanwhile, The demand for food packaging containers is increasing seriously.  Plastic packaging containers are one of the most common take-away packaging materials in our daily lives. Most of the take-away packaging plastic boxes are made of polystyrene. Polystyrene is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, which is the best choice for fast food boxes.

In addition, When the plastic packaging containers heated, it will release plasticizer. Plasticizer can enhance the flexibility of plastic, but each plastic has its heat resistance limit. Among the food materials, the most heat-resistant at present is polypropylene (PP) that can withstand 140 ° C, the following is polyethylene (PE) which can withstand 110 ° C and polystyrene (PS) which can only be heat-resistant to 90 ° C. If the temperature exceeds their heat resistance limit, the plasticizer may be released, so you should avoid heating the plastic lunch box with high temperature for a long time to reheat the food.

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