Why is the plastic bag broken?

It is a common quality problem for enterprises that plastic packaging bags are broken during production, transportation and storage. Professional packaging manufacturers Lucky time pack specially sorted out the following most likely damage cases:

1.Damage caused by automatic packaging: during automatic packaging, the contents of the filling will have a strong impact on the bottom of the bag. If the bottom of the bag cannot bear the impact force, the bottom will crack.

2.Damage caused by transportation and stacking of products: the flexible packaging bag can not bear the increase of internal pressure caused by stacking of goods and friction in the process of transportation, so the bag breaks.

3.Damage caused by the vacuuming process of the packaging bag: the thickness of the packaging bag is thin, the packaging bag shrinks during vacuuming, and the contents have hard objects, needle corners, or hard objects (dirty objects) in the vacuum machine puncture the packaging bag to cause damage.

4.When the high-temperature cooking bag is evacuated or sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, it will be damaged due to insufficient pressure resistance and high temperature resistance of the material.

5.Because of the low temperature, the frozen packaging bag becomes hard and brittle, and the poor puncture resistance causes the packaging bag to break.

How to avoid breakage of packaging bags during automatic packaging

The general heat sealing strength refers to the bonding strength of two films bonded together by heat sealing after completely cooling. However, in the automatic packaging production line, the two layers of packaging materials do not get enough cooling time, so the heat sealing strength of packaging materials is not suitable to judge the heat sealing performance of the material here.At this time, the thermal adhesive force, that is, the peeling force when the heat sealing portion of the material has not been cooled, should be used as the basis for selecting the heat sealing material, so as to meet the material’s heat seal strength requirements during filling.

To achieve the best thermal adhesion of the film material, there is a most suitable temperature point. When the heat sealing temperature exceeds this temperature point, the thermal adhesion will show a downward trend. In the filling production line, the heat sealing of the flexible packaging bag is almost synchronized with the filling of the content. When filling the content, the heat sealing part at the bottom of the bag is not completely cooled, therefore, the impact that it can bear will be greatly reduced. 

When the contents are filled, the impact force on the bottom of the flexible packaging bag can be drawn by adjusting the heat-sealing temperature, heat-sealing pressure and heat-sealing time through a hot-stick tensile tester, and selecting the best combination of heat-sealing parameters and applying on the production line.

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