Production process of food packaging bags

In today’s society, more and more types of food are emerging, and food safety issues have become the top priority of people. Food packaging bags are equivalent to human clothes for food. It is very important that what kind of food corresponds to what kind of packaging bags, so what are the production processes for food packaging bags?

Draft design

Before the production of packaging bags, it is necessary to have a draft design of the packaging bags, which is completed by the customer and the designer, including: pattern design, color matching, font selection, company information, product introduction, contact information and other content, as well as the size data of the packaging bags.These need to be communicated step by step, the more detailed the better, and finally need to be proofread and confirmed word by word to avoid unnecessary losses.


Plate-making is after the confirmation of the draft design, it needs professional plate-making technicians to process the color separation of the draft. The general steps of plate-making are: confirm the type of packaging bag, confirm the font line of the packaging bag, confirm the size of the packaging bag, confirm the transition color, confirm the background color, confirm the substrate and other aspects.


After all the raw materials are prepared, printing begins. Generally, a high-speed printer is used to print the surface film. Each color needs a corresponding plate roller during printing. The plate roller is a concave plate engraving.During printing, the ink flows continuously, because the ink will congeal, a scraper is embedded on the roller. The function of the scraper is to scrape off the excess ink from the convex part of the plate roller, so that the concave plate roller I can print the designed pattern. If there is dust on the doctor blade, there will be strip-shaped ink pollution, and dot-shaped ink pollution is caused by the ink splashing on the packaging film during the rolling printing.

Product inspection

The inspection is to input the printed matter of the standard model into the computer, and then pass the printed film through the white screen controlled by the computer. When a defective product appears, a black mark will be directly pasted on the rolling film.


After the surface film is printed, compounding begins. Compounding is the process of combining the printed surface film with the heat-sealable inner film on a high-speed laminating machine with or without solvent. The compounding generally adopts the dry and wet compounding method, that is, the printed surface film is coated with glue and then enters a drying tunnel to bake for 2 minutes, and then compounded with the middle layer inner film, the compounding tension is about 5.6kg.


Put the compounded film into the curing room for curing.The purpose of curing is mainly for the glue between the multilayer films to be firmly adhered.The curing is generally cured at 55 ° C or 65 ° C for 48 to 72 hours. . If the time and temperature do not meet the requirements, there will be a phenomenon that the packaging film is not tightly laminated and the finished bags are layered. Curing can make food packaging bags not easy to delaminate, and some of the rolls of packaging bags with special properties need to be cured for 72 hours to achieve the effect. This is also a major reason for the relatively long production period of customized special performance bags.


After inspection, the film needs slitting.


The last step is bag-making. In this step, the bag-making technician should adjust the operation procedures of the bag-making machine to ensure that the edges of the color-printed packaging bags are good and airtight.The temperature of the hot knife and the running speed of the bag-making machine should be well controlled. When making bags, the machine will directly make a roll of film by the machine for automatic bag making. During the bag making process, the edge will be automatically sealed.

Thus, a packaging bag is basically formed, and then sterilized to be packed.As a professional food packaging company, Lucky Time is professional in the design and production of food packaging bags.We have designed and produced many styles of food packaging bags.Lucky Time will keep going and be dedicated to provide any customers with high-quality and exquisite packaging which is suitable for their products and hope to be a supplier who can make all customers satisfied.