The functions of food packaging bag

With the development of society, the fast pace of urban life makes the general fresh ingredients can no longer fully meet People’s daily life. After a busy day, people have to drag their tired bodies to pick and choose fresh ingredients in the market. Therefore, food packaging came into being, not only applied to cooked food packaging and snack packaging, but also developed to the vacuum packaging of fresh food.

It can be said that food packaging bags are currently one of the most commonly used packaging products in the market, so what are the functions of food packaging bags.

Protect the goods

It can be said that the most essential function of all packaging is the same, that is to protect the packaging, so the first function of the food packaging bag is to protect the food. In the whole process of food from its production and delivery to be purchased by consumers, it will be affected by various external factors. What do the food packaging bags have to do is to protect the quality of the food and prevent problems such as volatilization, penetration, collision, and extrusion during the process. At the same time, good packaging can also block the external odor, ensure that the food maintains its original taste and prevent food spoiled.


Food packaging bags are the outcomes of fast-paced life in the city, and are products for the convenience of people. The packaged food eliminates the process of consumer comparison and selection, which facilitates consumers and is also conducive to supermarket management.


Food packaging bags are the outcomes of labor, so there is no doubt that they have their value. Exquisite packaging bags can often enhance the value of the packaged goods, attract customers ’attention, arouse their desire to buy, and bring more revenue to the manufacturer. Many customers buy the goods only for their beautiful packaging.


The beauty of the packaging bag is complementary to its value function. It can be said that the pursuit of beauty is s nature of human.So, the beautiful packaging can undoubtedly attract people’s attention , and the beautiful packaging can decorate the environment.


Packaging bags can prevent food from being classified into other products. Food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being stolen and eaten. Some food packaging is very sturdy and has anti-counterfeiting signs,and it can protect the interests of businesses from loss. Labels for laser marking, special colors, SMS authentication can also be on the packaging bag. In addition, in order to prevent theft, retailers have electronic monitoring labels attached to food packaging bags, so that consumers can take them to the outlet of the store for demagnetization. With packaging bags, the safety of goods is greatly improved.

Promote brand image

In today’s life, corporate image and corporate culture are a potential value of the enterprise.The combination of exquisite food packaging bags and corporate image can improve the popularity and expand the influence of enterprises. For example, Coca-Cola, lay’s, Nongfu spring and other well-known brands all attach great importance to this.Sometimes we think of an enterprise, the first thing that comes to our minds is the familiar packaging of their products.

With the development of the packaging industry, food packaging bags have not only been limited to the form of ordinary packaging bags, a variety of functional food packaging bags have appeared on the market, such as standup bags, zipper bags, vacuum bags and so on. When customizing food packaging bags, the various functions of the food packaging bags mentioned above should be kept in mind, so as to successfully meet the requirements of manufacturers and meet the needs of the public.As a professional food packaging company, Lucky Time is professional in the design and production of packaging bags.We have designed and produced many styles of food packaging bags.Lucky Time will keep going and be dedicated to provide any customers with high-quality and exquisite packaging which is suitable for their products and hope to be a supplier who can make all customers satisfied.