Common types of food packaging bags

Packaging bag refers to a bag used for packaging various goods, it can facilitate the transportation of goods in the production and circulation process.and is widely used in daily life and industrial production.

There are several common types of food packaging:

Three side seal bag

The three side seal bag has two side seams and one top seam,the bottom edge is formed by folding the film horizontally.Such bags may or may not have folds, and when there are folds, they can stand upright on a shelf. A deformation of the three side seal bag is to fold the bottom edge formed by the original folding method to achieve a quad seal bag.

Fin seal bag

Fin seal bag is also called lap seal bag. Simply speaking, it is a packaging bag that is sealed on the back of the bag body.Fin seal bags are widely used in confectionery, instant noodles and dairy products. Compared with other packaging forms, the fin seal bag has no sealing on both sides of the bag body, thus ensuring that the pattern on the front of the package is complete and beautiful. And because the seal is on the back, both sides of the bag can bear more pressure, reducing the possibility of packaging damage. Moreover, when the same-sized packaging bag adopts the form of back seal, the total length of the seal is the smallest, which also reduces the probability of seal cracking to a certain extent. Fin seal bags have back, top and bottom seams to make them have the shape of pillows. Many small food bags are often packed with pillow bags. The back seam of the pillow-shaped bag forms a fin-shaped sealing bag. In this structure, the inner layers of the film are put together and sealed, and the seam protrudes from behind the packaged bag. Another form of sealing is overlapping sealing, in which the inner layer on one side is bonded to the outer layer on the other side to form a flat seal. Because the “fish fin” -shaped seal is relatively sturdy, it is widely used. The “overlapping” seal is relatively not sturdy and requires both the inner and outer layers of the bag to be heat-sealable, so not many are used.

Quad seal bag

Quad seal bags are usually made by sealing the top, sides and bottom of two kinds of (roll) materials. Compared with the previously mentioned bags, it is possible to use two different plastic resin materials if they can be bonded to each other to be made into a quad seal bag glued on the front side. The quad seal bag can be made into various shapes, such as heart shape or oval shape.

Stand up bag

There are many types of stand up bags, mainly the following types: ① Boat-shaped stand up bags. ②Fold bottom integrated stand up bag. ③The stand up pouch with spout, which is divided into the stand-up pouch with diagonal spout and the stand up pouch with roof.

Special-shaped bag

It is a kind of composite packaging bag. It generally has various shapes such as fruit shape and cartoon shape. It is exquisite and it is very easy to attract customers’ attention.

Bag with handle and hole

Hole shapes include triangle, butterfly shape, airplane shape, round, semi-circle, waist drum shape, etc.

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