Special-shaped packaging bag

With the continuous improvement of production technology, some special-shaped packaging bags that meet the market’s demand have emerged, breaking through the limitations of traditional packaging in bag design, and attracted the eyes of many consumers by its novel. They have played the role of silent salespersons and promote the sale of goods.

What is the special-shaped packaging bag?

The special-shaped packaging bag is a kind of composite packaging bag. It breaks through the shackles of the traditional square bag, and changes the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, thereby reflecting different design styles. It is novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, and can highlight the brand.

Advantages of the special-shaped packaging bag

The appearance of special-shaped bags is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. Designers can try everything when designing product packaging bags to make more design dreams come true. For example, the shape of various fruit slices (pineapple slices, etc.) packaging bags is designed to correspond to the shape of fruit (pineapple outline, etc.). After making flexible packaging bags and packaging the fruit slices, it can achieve excellent packaging display and promotion effects.

In addition to changes in the shape of the packaging bag, the special-shaped bag can also add many application functions, such as adding a hand hole, adding a zipper, adding a mouth, etc. Another example is to add plane hanging holes to light-weight packaging, which is convenient for hanging sales of supermarket shelves. What’s more,some refilled liquid packaging can use mouth-like shaped bags for easy filling. For example, a kind of liquid detergent packaging in Japan has a corner that can be interlocked is designed on the packaging bag, and the corner can be buckled up when using and form an ingenious handle and pouring spout.

In short, compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped bags are more attractive, the product information is clear, the promotional effect is very obvious, and any application functions such as zippers, hand holes, and mouths can be added to make the packaging more convenient and user-friendly. At the same time, specialshaped bags also have some unique advantages of flexible packaging. Compared with traditional packaging methods such as glass bottles, plastic bottles or tinplate, they can save storage costs and transportation costs, and are a better choice.

Application examples of special-shaped bags

1.Special-shaped stand-up pouch with mouth

The function of the mouth is to facilitate the dumping of the contents, and after using the mouth,it can be re-sealed, which means that it can be opened many times. This special-shaped bag is suitable for liquids such as liquid drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, edible oil, or other liquid products that need to be opened many times.

2.Mouth-like special-shaped bag

The feature of this packaging bag is that there is no additional mouth in the packaging design, but by taking advantage of the production characteristics of the bag it can make a similar to mouth of the bag.

3.Special-shaped bag with zipper

The function of the zipper is also to facilitate multiple uses. But the difference is that the repeated opening and closing is realized through the zipper, so this type of design is not suitable for packing liquid, but suitable for packing some dry items, such as clothing, hardware accessories, candy, dried fruit, chocolate, cookies, jelly, tea Wait.

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