Why is the composite packaging bag so popular?

What is the composite packaging bag?composite packaging bags are made up of two or more materials, which are combined together after one or more dry composite processes to form a composite packaging bag with certain functions.

Structure of composite packaging bag

The structure of composite packaging bag can generally be divided into base layer, functional layer and heat sealing layer.
    Base layer: the base layer mainly play the role of beauty, printing, moisture resistance and so on.Common base layer materials are BOPP、BOPET、BOPA、MT、KOP、KPET,etc.
   Functional layer: The function layer mainly acts as barrier to avoid light,gas,scent and so on.Common functional layer materials are VMPET、AL、EVOH、PVDC, etc.
   Heat sealing layer: the heat sealing layer is in direct contact with the packaging goods, having the demands of adaptability, permeability resistance, good heat sealing, as well as transparency, common materials are LDPE、LLDPE、MLLDPE、CPP、VMCPP、EVA、EAA、EMA、EBA, etc.    

Advantages of composite packaging bag

Composite packaging bag is a kind of packaging product with various advantages.It has the characteristics of anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof ,oxygen-proof, cold-resistant, oil-resistant ,high-temperature, fresh-keeping, and easy sealing.It also cost less and is beautifully printed.

The advantages of composite packaging compared to traditional packaging

First of all, the production process and packaging process of the composite packaging bag are simple, it’s easy for people to understand and operate. Factories only need to purchase high-quality composite packaging bags and then they can pack and produce by themselves. What’s more,the use of composite packaging bags is easier and more efficient than traditional packaging.

Secondly, the composite packaging bag can meet the packaging requirements of the product according to the different characteristics of the product, and significantly improve the shelf life of the product. The use of composite packaging bags with specific packaging properties can meet the packaging requirements of various products.

Then, the composite packaging bag generally has the characteristics of light texture, softness, comfortable handle, and can be beautifully printed in color to transfer the product’s information, so it can better stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, and is a very friendly packaging form.

Finally, compared with traditional packaging, the application of composite packaging bags can save enterprises’ costs of production,storage and transportation . Automated and large-scale modern production process is the actual embodiment that composite packaging bags can save the cost of enterprises. At the same time, because composite packaging bags are generally able to fit the product tightly, the packaging space is limited, storage and transportation space can be saved in the circulation and transportation of packaged goods .So as to achieve the effect of saving storage and transportation costs.

Application of composite packaging bag

Nowadays composite packaging bags are widely used in clothing packaging, industrial packaging, daily packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, technology, military industry and other fields. The packaging form of composite packaging bags is also developing towards diversification, which provides various convenience for product packaging and public life. Such as aluminum foil bagsvacuum bags, stand-up bags, special-shaped bags and other bags have a large number of applications in a number of industries. Improving the properties of existing plastic materials, enhancing the strength and barrier properties of materials, developing new varieties of materials, reducing the amount of materials used, reusing materials, and classifying and recycling materials to protect the environment .This is why we use the composite packaging bags.

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